The EU Parliament has approved several important climate protection laws with a large majority. In Strasbourg, the MEPs voted, among other things, for a tightening of emissions trading. It is considered the most important instrument of the European climate protection program. For example, companies have to buy pollution certificates if they emit carbon dioxide (CO2). This should create an incentive to produce less CO2. Now the number of pollution rights is to be reduced faster than previously planned. In addition, free certificates for companies are to be phased out gradually by 2034.

At the same time, stronger protective mechanisms for European companies should also take effect. In the future, producers abroad will also have to pay for CO2 emissions if they want to sell their goods in the EU – through a so-called CO2 border adjustment, which is to apply in full from 2034.

In addition, there should be a climate social fund that should absorb additional expenditure for consumers due to the energy transition – such as rising heating costs.

The projects are at the heart of the “Fit for 55” package presented by the European Commission in the summer of 2021 to combat climate change. It aims to help EU countries reduce CO2 emissions by 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and become carbon neutral by 2050. The EU countries still have to approve the plan. However, this is considered a formality.

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