Technical problems slowed down the German stock market indices in the evening. Deutsche Börse was therefore unable to give a final price for the Dax at the usual closing time. In the late phase of trading, the exchange operator reported technical problems with the index calculation, which continued even after the close of trading. The final course is therefore delayed until further notice.

The last price reported after the usual closing time resulted in an increase of 0.14 percent for the Dax to 15,740.30 points. If it stays that way, there would be a weekly minus of 0.7 percent. During the course of the day, the Dax had evened out its temporary losses on Friday. However, supported by the relatively robust US stock markets, it was able to recover.

According to the last known price, the MDax for medium-sized stocks fell by another 0.37 percent to 27,060.64 points. For him this would mean the fourth day of losses in a row.