Ahead of the key interest rate decision in the United States in the evening, investors on the German stock market remain cautious. After three days of trading with losses, the DAX rose slightly again. However, it is still expected that the leading index, as in previous weeks, will only move within a very narrow range.

In the first few minutes of trading, the leading German index rose by 0.37 percent to 15,722.73 points. It has been in the range between 15,500 and around 16,000 points for weeks, and according to Jürgen Molnar, capital market strategist at Robomarkets, it is feared that the lethargy will continue even after the results of the US Federal Reserve meeting.

The MDax gained 0.64 percent to 27,076.45 points. The Eurozone leading index EuroStoxx 50 advanced by 0.15 percent to 4248.86 points.