On October 10th and 11th, 2023 the time has finally come: Amazon will celebrate the second Prime Day of the year on these two days. This might sound familiar to die-hard bargain fans. Last year, the shipping giant celebrated a second Prime Day in October 2022. Back then it was called “Prime Exclusive Offers”. However, Amazon is saying goodbye to the somewhat awkward name. Instead, the shipping giant’s marketing department digs deep into its bag of tricks and transforms the second Prime Day into the “Amazon Prime Deal Days”. Discount hunters shouldn’t care if the deals are right.

As every year, the best discounts are of course only available to Amazon Prime customers. If you are not yet a Prime customer, you should consider getting a Prime subscription. It currently costs 8.99 euros per month. In addition to free shipping, Prime customers also get access to Prime Video and Amazon Music. Important: If you are not yet a Prime customer, it is better to wait until the second Prime Day to subscribe because the first 30 days are free for new customers. After the trial period has expired, you should of course cancel your subscription if you only want to benefit from the discounts on Prime Deal Days.

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Perfect preparation is of course a must for bargain hunters. Before Prime Day, it makes sense to think about which product you actually want to buy. So create a wish list on Amazon. To do this, use the app on your smartphone, as it can send you a push notification to your smartphone as soon as the product you want is reduced.

The same applies to time-limited offers and so-called flash offers. As soon as a lightning offer goes online, you will be informed via push notification and can take advantage. Important: Despite the big discounts, keep an eye on the competition. If there are particularly good offers, other retailers are happy to follow suit or reduce similar products.

And of course keep an eye on the stern’s deals ticker. As usual, we will provide you with the best deals throughout the event. Ideally, you should also subscribe to our newsletter. It provides you with deals, advice and tips all year round.

In order to make the second Prime Day palatable to its Prime customers, Amazon is offering interesting offers in advance:

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