Finding the right products in the Amazon shop jungle can be exhausting at times. The range is huge, the prices vary greatly. Once you have found something, the first thing you usually look at is the ratings of other users. Only three stars out of five? D rather not. And the search goes on. With a new shop offshoot, Amazon’s marketing strategists want to make it easier for their users to find the best rated items. And not only that: In addition to this filter, the so-called star shop should also spit out the best deals among the 5-star articles.

Interesting: Amazon launched the new Deals shop in a cloak-and-dagger operation. First, the online portal “” reported about it. In addition, finding the star shop is anything but intuitive. It does not appear on the well-known homepage of the online mail order company, nor can it be found there using the search function. You can only find what you are looking for via Google or a direct link.

The star shop is structured like the classic shopping platform of the online mail order giant. Amazon promises a “selection of the highest rated products at unbeatable prices”. From “electronics to household goods to toys”.

We fished the top deals from six product categories:

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