Öko-Test tested 100 mineral waters, of which around half performs very well, but it is also contaminated sources are to be found. Is affected is your favorite water?

The some people swear by tap water*, the other prefer bottled mineral water. The consumer magazine Öko-Test has tested 100 products and has in every fifth source of contamination. Including pesticides, nitrate, and uranium. Four of the tested Medium-mineral water in comparison, even with the grades “unsatisfactory” and “unsatisfactory” by .

mineral water company test method of the Öko-Test

Update: October 16, criticized. June 2020 : “The magazine Ökotest tested in the current June issue of our mineral water Brohler Medium and rating of this wrong due to faulty laboratory analysis, with the poor”, reported the company Brohler Mineral -, and well now at the editors. in the Eco-Test the mineral water has a rating of Brohler Medium with “poor”.

mineral water will, however, studied since 2010 by the Institute Romeis chemically as well as microbiologically. Samples from the 8. April 2020, which have resulted in a content of sweeteners in the track area , were examined, therefore, that the content was below the limit of quantification of the applied analytical method. The tested samples have, therefore, no sweetener findings.

mineral water in the Test: What sweeteners are and are they really harmless?

sweeteners are substances , which produce a sweet taste but no calories provide. They may be used in food only if they are previously tested and approved. In the labelling of the foodstuffs you will be referred to as cyclamate, Saccharin, Acesulfame-K or aspartame.

the Latter is no longer in the critique to not be so safe, as stated by the manufacturer often. The sweetener about dangerous nerves to develop poisons, when it is metabolized, as the centre of health reported. the memory loss, depression, and even blindness to cause aspartame.

According to the information center of German mineral water sweeteners, however, be safe . Here it is: “sweeteners are very well researched and are approved as additives to food with a defined, acceptable maximum levels in the European Union and in Germany.”

Original message: Öko-Test checks 100 mineral water pollutants

The good news is that 51 of the Medium-mineral waters cut in the Test with “very good”, be a further 14 as well classified . However, not all of the 800 recognised mineral springs of Germany, from which the mineral water originates in the supermarket, deliver pure water.

The reason is plausible: Penetrating rain water through the soil and rock layers up to the source, not enriches it with minerals and Also toxins can be released into the water, including, for example, by-products of pesticides, arsenic, and boron removal. the Eco-Test has 100 mineral waters to such pollutants review .

Too many pollutants: Known mineral water with grade 6

were detected in 18 of the tested sources of high pollutant values, including a lot of nitrate, boron, uranium, and degradation products of pesticides. the the Following four mineral waters are not, therefore, with the grades “unsatisfactory” and “unsatisfactory” according to Öko-to recommend Test :

inhabitants of to winners mount the source media with “poor” Brohler Medium with a “defective” nature Park source media with “poor” Apollinaris Medium “unsatisfactory”

the Following Medium-mineral waters include the evaluation of “ very good ” the test:

Adelholzener Gently from the Adelholzener Alpine source Swiss francs Medium from the Franconia fountain residence-source media from the Bad Windsheim healing and mineral springs of St. Leonhard source media from the St. Leonhard source stone sieker Medium from the Brohler Mineral and medicinal wells

All of the Öko-Test winner, you can find here,

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mineral water: “Grab the best reusable bottles”

In the evaluation, the laboratory results were for the most part, in terms of health ingredients that may be harmful. “ In the labs, we had the mineral waters of the problematic ingredients* such as uranium, arsenic, boron, Vanadium, and nitrate to investigate . (…) Can indicate levels higher nitrate to an entry from the agriculture. For infants, adequate water, we could, in addition to radium isotopes to examine. (…) There were impairments to the original purity, we have deducted marks”, – stated in the publication of Öko-Test.

But also the packaging, the judgment was in the total. the So have reusable glass bottles are the best environmental record is far ahead of recyclable plastic non-returnable bottles . Öko-Test recommends: “Grab the best reusable bottles. The glass bottles are filled up to 50 Times again.” Refillable PET bottles can be refilled up to 25 times new.

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