Amazon founder and current boss Jeff Bezos reports in a lecture at the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge about the craziest order he has ever come across in his entire time at Amazon.

In a video published in 2002, which is quoted again and again – especially by the Bulgarian media – Bezos talks about the first order that his company had to process from the Eastern European country.

“In the first six months we only had one order from Bulgaria. I didn’t know they had internet there in 1995, but it obviously did exist. This customer wasn’t paying by credit card, which was our preferred payment method. The customer had folded two hundred dollar bills and hidden them in a floppy disk. He pushed up the small metal cap on the floppy disk and hid the money inside. Then he mailed the shipment to us along with a separate note that read, ‘Money is in hidden on the disk.'”

The customer also noted on the enclosed message that Bulgarian customs would probably steal the money – if it were openly visible – but that nobody there understood English, so both the message and the quirky way of sending it made a lot of sense.

“We opened the disk and there was $200. They had included the order number so we could match the payment against that. We delivered their books and the contract was fulfilled,” Bezos concluded.

Within two decades, Bezos has turned the company founded in 1994 into a giant, a department store with around 300 million items, from televisions to fresh fish, with more than 300 million customers, countless delivery services and its own film studios.

Source:  Techbook, Youtube