Because of the acute shortage of skilled workers in various sectors, the British government wants to let more foreign construction workers, roofers and craftsmen into the country. That’s according to a budget presented by Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt this week. This provides for the list of shortage occupations for which simplified visa requirements apply to be expanded by five craft occupations.

The measure stands in stark contrast to the conservative government’s otherwise restrictive migration policy. Hunt promised not to solve the problem of the millions of job vacancies in the UK through “unlimited migration”.

In his lengthy speech on the budget on Wednesday, there was no mention of the additional visa facilitation – a BBC presenter on Thursday described it as a “hidden story of the budget”. Asked whether Brexit supporters might feel betrayed by this, Hunt defended himself: Those who voted for Brexit spoke in favor of controlling migration, not ending it entirely.

The list of shortage occupations is to be reviewed again this autumn. A number of sectors are demanding an expansion of the professional groups in order to be able to recruit foreign skilled workers.