According to the spring forecast by the Nuremberg Institute for Labor Market and Vocational Research, the number of employees in Germany will reach a new record high this year. The Nuremberg experts expect an increase of 340,000 employees in 2023. This would mean that 34.85 million people in Germany would be in a job subject to social security contributions.

The number of people in employment – including mini-jobbers – will even reach 45.95 million, the institute announced today in Nuremberg. There will be employment growth in almost all sectors, but above all in the public service, health and education sectors.

Don’t draw the wrong conclusions

However, the annual average number of unemployed will also be around 110,000 higher than in 2022. This is mainly due to a statistical effect that has to do with the addition of Ukrainian refugees in the second half of 2022.

“Manpower is scarcer than it has been for decades. Companies are therefore trying to keep their employees, even in a difficult environment,” said Enzo Weber, head of the IAB research department for forecasts and macroeconomic analyses. However, the potential workforce will increase by 340,000, mainly because of the immigration from the Ukraine.

The good employment situation is also an important stabilizing factor for the economy. The valley has already bottomed out. “The acute phase of the energy crisis is over for now,” said Weber. Now the transformation in the industry must be implemented with great pressure. Investments in the appropriate technology and in employees are necessary.