The Ora cat family is one member richer. After the Ora Funky Cat, which is already on the road in Germany, and the Lightning Cat, which will soon jump to Europe, the Chinese have now rolled the Ballet Cat into the limelight at the home game in Shanghai. Even at first glance it is clear that the VW Beetle was the inspiration here. The two-tone paintwork, the classic rims, the spherical shape and the front hood that extends far downwards – all this is pure VW Beetle. Only the LED headlights are not as round as in the Wolfsburg original. But that hardly matters with the round face. Basically, what can Ora do about it if Volkswagen pushes the new edition of the classic to the junkyard.

The Chinese are only too happy to fill this gap and are considering bringing this womanizer on four wheels to Germany. In the Middle Kingdom, the 4.40 meter long car is specially tailored to the needs of women. There is an 8.8 inch vanity mirror in the sun visor. The ambient lighting can be adjusted accordingly so that the make-up sits perfectly. The interior designers have really thought of everything and integrated a box for make-up utensils into the center console. A camera can be used to preview the effects of the desired make-up.

But that’s not all: in the child mode, the sound system automatically plays nursery rhymes. When the temperature is high, the air conditioning kicks in and a camera monitors the baby in the back seat. So that the driver feels completely comfortable, the seats are designed according to the anatomy of the women and their seating position. The steering wheel has a diameter of 37 centimeters and the thickness of the rim is adjusted to the smaller hands of the female sex. This means that the pilots tire more slowly and arrive at their destination in a more relaxed manner.

In short: the Ora Ballet Cat is the car that women have always wanted. With the Goddesses driving mode (what a name. Respect!) the accelerator pedal and steering are more sensitive. In addition, a whole range of assistants support the drivers. These include a 360-degree camera, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and blind spot warning.

Due to the wheelbase of 2.75 meters, the ballet cat offers enough space for the family. The chassis with a McPherson front axle and a multi-link rear axle provides the necessary comfort. The Stromer is powered by a PSM-E machine with 126 kW / 171 hp and a torque of 250 Newton meters. This means that a maximum of 155 km/h is possible.

The front suspension consists of McPherson struts, the rear suspension consists of a multi-link independent wheel suspension. The ORA Ballet Cat’s permanent magnet synchronous motor has a peak power of 126 kW and a torque of 250 N-m, which enables a top speed of 155 km/h. Depending on the battery size (49.9 kilowatt hours or 60.5 kWh), the Ballet Cat has a range of around 401 kilometers or 500 kilometers. In China, prices start below 30,000 US dollars, but Funky Cat has shown that these cannot be transferred one-to-one to Europe.