According to a media report, the sharp increase in energy costs in 2022 will reach many tenant households in Germany with a significant delay. According to the news magazine “Spiegel”, this suggests an evaluation by the real estate service provider Ista of a good 156,000 heating bills for 2022.

According to this, the average costs for tenant households with gas heating even fell by three percent last year, to 556 euros. According to Ista, this is because households have used less gas, also thanks to the comparatively warm weather. The federal government also took over the December deductions for gas and district heating. Third, many utilities only increased their gas prices later in the year.

The calm before the storm

However, Ista boss Hagen Lessing spoke of a deceptive calm. “Many people may now think that the gas price crisis would not have happened,” Lessing told the magazine. “But the opposite is the case: the hammer is yet to come.” Accordingly, gas costs could rise by 58 percent this year if households continue to save and the weather remains mild.

According to the information, tenants who use district heating had to pay an average of 800 euros in 2022, around eight percent more than in 2021. Thanks to the state heat price brake, district heating users can expect a drop in heating costs this year.

According to the accounts, the costs for tenant households with oil heating rose by 41 percent in 2022 to an average of 836 euros. For this year, Ista is forecasting a further increase, depending on consumption by up to 68 percent, according to Der Spiegel.