In view of the growing rivalry with China, four security-relevant technology areas in the EU are to be subjected to a comprehensive risk analysis by the end of the year. According to the Brussels authority, it is about technology and knowledge for artificial intelligence (AI) and modern semiconductor products as well as bio and quantum technologies.

Depending on the outcome of the analysis, protective measures should then be taken in further steps. This could be, for example, export controls, but also efforts to reduce dependence on certain suppliers.

Maintain EU security

It is about preserving the strategic interests and security of the EU, said the responsible EU Commissioner Thierry Breton in Strasbourg. Commission Vice-President Vera Jourova emphasized that the EU wants to be a player and not a playground.

According to the Commission, the four technology areas were selected based on a list of specific criteria. These include the potential that the technologies have for fundamental changes in the economic world. There is also the question of the extent to which the technologies in question could also be used militarily or to restrict fundamental rights such as freedom of expression.

An example of the misuse of artificial intelligence is tools that could manipulate public opinion in election campaigns via social networks and the Internet.

The risk analysis should be carried out jointly with the Member States. According to the information, consultations with players from the private sector are also planned.