Already in the driving school you learn how dangerous the blind spot is. Fractions of a second are enough to cause an accident – because a passing vehicle was not seen in time, for example. The obligatory glance over the shoulder is a must for every driver, but it is often forgotten. An additional wide-angle mirror can help here. The valuable helper is attached to the side mirrors and increases the driver’s field of vision. You can find the mirror here.

Most cars do not have enough storage space for all the things that children like to call for during a long journey. With an organizer attached to the back seat, you can create more space for toys, stuffed animals, snacks and drinks. The integrated iPad/tablet compartment also gives your children the opportunity to watch a film or series while driving. An indispensable gadget for families with children. Here is the organizer.

The smartphone is also used by many drivers as a navigation device. However, the mobile wayfinding system makes little sense if you can hear it but not see it. All the more important is a magnetic mobile phone holder that is easily attached to the ventilation system of the dashboard and holds the smartphone in place with the help of a strong magnetic field. The assembly is simple, the effect is very effective. The mobile phone holder is available here.

Have you ever had to sleep in your car? Then you probably had a restless night in the back seat. The inflatable bed for the back seat of the car, including cushion and footwell support, offers significantly more comfort. With it, you can lie comfortably when traveling and sleep better. Alternatively, there are also inflatable double beds, but you can only use them if you fold down the seats. You can get the air bed here.

If you’ve ever tried to work on your laptop in the car, then you know how inconvenient it is. It doesn’t matter whether you place the computer on your lap or on the faucet – in both cases there is a risk of neck pain. Instead, use a special folding table for the laptop, which you as a passenger can attach to the headrest or the steering wheel (without driving!). You can find the folding table here.

Long journeys by car are particularly strenuous for children. Ideally, they sleep through the drive – but that’s not so easy when you’re buckled up all the time. The belt is often found to be extremely annoying by the little ones, so that the possibilities for falling asleep are severely limited. Here we recommend a belt pad that softly cushions the hard and annoying belt and can also be used as a sleeping pillow. You can find the strap here.

This gadget is just the right thing for dog owners: The waterproof and washable cover not only protects the covers from unwanted liquids, dirt, scratches and hair, but also supports the safe transport of your beloved four-legged friend. Additional compartments offer even more storage space for on the go – there is also the option of people and animals sharing the back seat. There is even space for a child’s seat next to the ceiling. Here is the ceiling.

Do you have emergency cash hidden in your vehicle? Or even important documents stowed away in the glove compartment? Car thieves are only too happy to search there for valuables that they can turn into money. It is all the more important that you deposit valuable items in a secret hiding place: for example in a safe disguised as a Coke can. This car gadget is highly recommended for festival lovers. Find the safe here.

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