Whether you have been saving for many years to afford a downpayment on your first property, or else are determined to move in with your friends and have saved just enough for your first week’s rent, then excitement will not even begin to cover how you are currently feeling.

However, before that emotional hug goodbye from your mom as the last box of your belongings is placed in the car, make sure you read this article.

Work Hard to Build Your Credit

You may well be laboring under the illusion that there is no need to establish a good credit rating when considering moving out as long as you are intent on renting a room or even an entire apartment rather than purchasing property outright.

Unfortunately, even if your landlord is perfectly happy signing a rental agreement with someone who has never borrowed and, crucially, successfully paid back money in the past, you will still need credit for any other purchase.

For example, if you need one or more white goods, such as a fridge-freezer, washing machine, or toaster oven even, unless you have enough cash to buy the item there and then, you will be looking for a payment plan, which of course, all require credit.

Stay Connected to Your Hometown

Now, if you are planning on moving around the block from your parent’s house, then naturally, you cannot help but be connected to them, as the chances are that they will be nipping round with a pasta bake or a freshly laundered pile of clothes on the regular.

If, however, you are moving to university in another state or have decided to relocate to the other side of the country, then it is important to maintain strong ties to your family and friends back home.

You could perhaps schedule a monthly FaceTime or Skype video call with your high school friends every month, or else pledge to meet halfway as often as possible for lunch or even a few drinks.

Treasure Secondhand Gifts

One of the most popular quotes from younger people who have only recently moved out of their parent’s home and into their own apartment is that they never realized how many accessories and additional bits and pieces they needed until they lived independently.

This is why, if your grandma offers you her old washing machine, or your dad has a set of cutlery, plates, and bowls that are well worn but still up to the job, thank them and accept their offer instead of turning your nose up.

Transporting anything from items of furniture to your car or motorbike is much easier and also often significantly cheaper when you go online and get a quote for professional shipping instead of trying to organize it yourself.

Learn About Your New Area Before You Move

Nothing will make you feel more like a fish out of water than if you sleep over in your new home for the first time, wake up in the morning, and have no real clue where you are in relation to the nearest mall, restaurant, hospital, or surgery.

Take a drive or walk around the new neighborhood with a friend or family member from home and mentally note where everything is in relation to the house.

Discovering new things in a new area is an excellent way of broadening your perspective and learning more about the world and not only that, but this is also a great way of making new friends who live locally too!

Plan a Fabulous Housewarming Party!

Finally, once everything has been sorted, you have changed the address at your bank, work database, utility bills, and everything else, whereby your old address is still the point of contact, it is time to plan to celebrate your move towards independence and freedom.

So, unless you are moving into one room within a larger house and have yet to meet your housemates, planning a housewarming party is a great way of ensuring your friends and family members know for a fact that they are still fully involved and included in this next phase of your life.