More than 80,000 employees, sales of almost 20 billion euros, profits of around one billion euros: in the past few decades, screw manufacturer Würth has worked its way up to become one of the largest companies in Germany. Reinhold Würth is largely responsible for this: when he took over the company from his father, he was just 19 years old and the company had a turnover of just 80,000 euros.

In the “Online Marketing Rockstars” podcast, the company patriarch answered questions from Philipp Westermeyer at the age of 87 – and he reports on some exciting events. In addition to its work, Würth has set up more than a dozen private museums worldwide, the German-speaking museums alone have around 80 employees who look after works of art by artists such as Picasso.

In an interview with Westermeyer, Würth also reveals some of his principles. One of the things that is particularly important to the screw billionaire is the dress code in the company – especially for his most important employees: “It is important to me that senior managers wear ties at conferences.” A casual look, on the other hand, is out of the question for him, because such a “leisure look” is “disrespectful”.

Appearance is extremely important to him, especially at large receptions and important business partners, as he reveals in the podcast: “If the head of a global company marches to a meeting with Ms. Merkel without a tie, then I find that improper and almost see it as an insult the interlocutor.”

Despite the clear words, Reinhold Würth is clear that with his attitude he is now one of the exotics in German companies. So he admits that a corresponding announcement on Google or Amazon is “of course unthinkable”. At Würth himself, too, he thinks it is possible that the tie obligation will be lifted – but no longer under his leadership.

Sources: “BW24”, OMR