Bulb, a major energy supplier, offers up to PS140 financial assistance to households that are having trouble paying their bills.

The government could offer assistance to households in the purchase of energy-efficient appliances or repayment of debts.

Bulb offers assistance through Citizen’s Advice. This will help those who are looking for help in saving money and maximizing their benefits.

They can also help you determine if you are eligible for financial assistance with your energy bills, debts, and energy-efficient appliances.

The amount of help you receive will depend on your situation. However, it may include a non-repayable PS140 grant.

You might also be eligible to write off up to PS2,000 of debt.

Bulb spokesperson stated that the Bulb Energy Fund was one way we can help customers struggling to pay their energy bills.

“We might be able provide financial grants, assistance with energy debt, or assist with energy-saving advice and appliances.

“Applications open on our site.”

Bulb, with more than one million UK customers, was placed into “special administration” November 2021, after it realized that it couldn’t afford to stay afloat.

Anyone can access the British Gas Energy Trust. Grants up to PS1,000 will be available starting in July 2022.

British Gas customers can get grants up to PS750 and the ability to have debts up to PS1,000 forgiven.

The Scottish Power Hardship Fund can help customers pay off PS750 debts.

Ovo Energy Fund lists a few ways that it can provide advice and grants to its customers on its website.