Opponents of the IAA car and mobility trade fair have blocked a street in Munich and symbolically occupied an empty house. The aim is to protest against a system in which houses are empty as objects of speculation, there is a lack of apartments and open spaces, but public space is made available to car companies, said a spokeswoman for the “No Future for IAA” campaign alliance. This is “absolute audacity”. The police surrounded the blockade. At first the action was peaceful.

The approximately 100 activists made the side street near Munich’s Theresienwiese impassable with human chains and sit-ins. Some climbed to the roof of the building and lit smoke pots there. They also hung a “Welcome to the Future” poster. The traffic disruptions caused by the action were minimal.

According to the spokeswoman, the occupation is not intended to be permanent. She said she expects the blockade to be cleared.

The IAA will take place in Munich for the second time until Sunday. It is accompanied by protests and actions by various groups. Two larger demonstrations are planned for Sunday. According to observers, one could – like two years ago – lead to clashes between protesters and police.