car rental companies are ill-prepared for the increased demand, according to the “world” with reference to the Figures of the comparison portal “Check24”.

Therefore, car hire in France, Italy and Spain are significantly more expensive than 2019. In Spain, for example, currently, the costs are to 21 percent about the Tariffs from the previous year.

Also Italian providers to charge higher prices for rental cars

there is a Similar notice currently in Italy. Average car renters pay 35 Euro, a Plus of 20 percent to 2019. Temporarily, the prices were even higher. The demand for car rental was at the height of the Corona-crisis at almost zero, providers rent is currently per day to around 1800 vehicles.

In France, the average daily rent is currently at 39 euros – slightly more than in the previous year.

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variety of reasons, creates a bottleneck in the case of car

amazed, because overall, the number of travelers is below the values of 2020. In the case of a fall in demand would actually expect cheaper prices.

That it came about, has a simple reason for this: “The landlords had not expanded due to Corona their fleets for the summer, or even dismantled,” said Andreas schiffel wood, managing Director car hire at Check24, the “world”. Therefore, they are not able to meet the rising demand, the prices go up.

Many tourists are avoiding the public transport

A second important factor: The fear of infection with Corona can be a lot of tourists to public transport, do. Cars are seen by many as a safer Alternative.

Because in addition, millions of tourists prefer to make holidays in their own country than to fly far away, to replace residents, the absence of tourists from the neighbouring countries. The scarcity of the offer in the classic sun countries around the Mediterranean sea.

This is the view to the Italy show is about: There, the rent exploded since the lifting of the travel warning within a short period of time to 75 percent . Currently they are around six euros higher than in 2019.

Some countries entice you with cheaper prices

The above-mentioned factors according to the comparison data, however, is not anywhere to climbing rental prices. In Greece, the rent of the car decreased from 23 euros per day to 21 per cent compared to the previous year.

Also cheaper than 2019

  • Austria with a minus of 19 percent
  • Portugal with minus twelve percent
  • Croatia: with minus eight per cent

However, travel should be willing to not let too much time: Even in the currently low countries, the providers expect rising prices.

Sixt number of vehicles is reduced

the Sixt, about the reasons for the lower vehicle range than in the previous year. You adjust the offer, although a spokesman. But in the case of the most popular types of vehicle there are always bottlenecks.

Therefore, should save travelers as early as possible the car of their choice at the resort. Only every 5000 to 7000 years: comet “Neowise” to see to see in the night sky PCP Only every 5000 to 7000 years: comet “Neowise” now in the night sky