The Federal cartel office assumes that gasoline prices will fluctuate in the future even more than you already have, such as the “world” reported. Almost every motorist has recently noticed that has changed is when you Refuel a lot. Diesel prices below one Euro per Liter there are currently, as well as gas stations, Diesel costs more than petrol. “Usually” is the price premium for petrol at least ten cents per litre, which usually brings the higher level of tax with itself.

But overall, the price level is currently significantly lower than in the long-term average. The reason is the turmoil in the oil markets are: The Corona-crisis demand a break-in. Because the Oil-producing countries still promote too much oil, the black Gold, despite the recent recovery as cheap as for a long time.

cheap gas stations offer the litres of petrol for under a Euro.

This is also when filling up: The price comparison portal “Smart-Tank” called the for the 20. May, Tübingen is a town in the motorists with 99.4 cents less than a Euro for a litre of petrol will have to pay.

consumers have to adjust in the future, probably even more the price changes: “fuel prices are changing in the course of a day, often and significantly,” says German cartel office chief Andreas Mundt, the “world”. Specifically, this means: on average, individual stations raise the price of super petrol five Times a day. Be cheaper the prices are, statistically, even eight to eleven Times per day.

However, the bargain hunting will make the Oil companies is complicated, as it is said in the report. The Federal cartel office have noted: At the same gas station it may be in the course of a day, differences in prices from ten cents per litre of Diesel and petrol. Within cities, can amount to the difference to up to 20 cents . This means that if you refuel 40 liters, can save compared to the expensive vendors up to eight Euro.

as opposed to 22 at the petrol prices at the lowest

the reason for the glaring discrepancy is that the gas stations are constantly rotating at their prices. In the case of the there are certain patterns: The cartel authority determined that the prices of 22 at the lowest. So who has an empty Tank, before the sleeping Gas go-bargain – at least statistically. Reach the top, the prices in the morning, between five and eight o’clock. Presumably, the calculus behind it: Who needs to go to the office and an empty Tank has, accepted any price. The tip: in the Morning, prefer a wide arc around the tank make.

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Watch: Many gas stations to turn from 19 clock again to the price screw

anyone Who really wants to save, should still know other price mechanisms: Particularly the high-priced providers to increase the fuel prices on the in the evening from 19 clock frequently again. The screw usually only at night at the price and increase the price of their Fuel. There is, therefore, against 22 o’clock is often a bargain.

another price pattern called the report Particularly cheap gas stations usually remain rather favourable, especially expensive “Refueling” let your customers permanently more to the vein.

in addition, the cartel guards found motorists in the North of Germany is more favorable to your Fuel, to the West and to the South of the Republic, you need to pay rather more. Car insurance online compare with Verivox (display) you can now Find the cheapest Fare

highway to Refuel better

to avoid a last tip, which should, however, have some rather low news value: anyone Who refuels on the highway, pays dizzying prices. Per Liter strong> 20 to 25 cents premium fall between<. Therefore, the Council: At the motorway service station just as much Fuel as is absolutely necessary. Or, you leave the highway and he manages single-end numerous the truck-stops. Here, the charge is only two to four cents per litre, says the report.


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