Should. the bike with you on holiday, you need a suitable carrier for the car Each model has its advantages and disadvantages.

Munich (dpa/tmn) – For transportation by car there are three types of bike carriers. The most popular of the trailer coupling carrier (APC), the Tüv Süd is explained. Mounted on the ball head of the trailer hitch, he has a low loading height.

So can be quickly loaded and unloaded. Advantage also: The air resistance when Driving is not so high, and one comes without problems in the garage.

disadvantage: The reversing sensors or cameras to be disabled by the AHK, and often, the trunk lid cannot be opened. Easier access to the trunk offer folding models. Who has no trailer hitch, you must retrofit costs, which are added to the rather expensive purchase price of the carrier.

cheaper of the tailgate carrier, but only to a station wagon is. He is attached to the trunk lid, which falls on this alone. Heavy E-Bikes do not belong on a tailgate carrier. Moreover, visibility is impaired to the rear when driving very. Only one wheel needs to be transported, not, the Tüv this carrier is suitable for a family rather.

, Whether it is roof or rear: carrier is not overloaded

third variant in the classic roof rack is. It is mounted to an existing railing, otherwise, must be retrofitted with a roof rack system. Advantage is the clear view to the rear. Also the trunk from the outside is easily accessible.

raise Clear disadvantage of the umbrella model: the effort required to bike to the top. In addition, the risk of deep Branches hanging or to stay in tours of the slopes. Note, moreover, that the centre of gravity of the vehicle is changed, and it is sensitive to side wind is not responding.

applies Regardless of the model, The load capacity of the bike carrier must be observed. Especially when several of the electric bikes to be transported, is quickly exceeded the maximum allowable weight.