What is a Customer Success specialist*in is?

Only the beginning of a long-term customer relationship, in the ideal case, the conclusion of a contract. Because if Customers are satisfied, then you buy and buy and buy. And more sales and profits curls. Company to trust for this reason, the responsibility for the clients, and the growth of a/m Customer-Success-specialist*in.

What is a Customer Success specialist*make the inside?

your task is to be with the clients of the company to know their needs and satisfy you. So you explain, for example, the sales process and ensure that even after the purchase, everything runs smoothly. *Have Manifest inside a question, can you talk to your Customer Success specialist*in directly. Specifically, you perform the following tasks:

  • face of the company: Since you will be working closely with the clients, are Customer-Success-specialist*inside the figureheads of their companies.
  • care/advice: advise The clients, and to inform you about the ideal ways to use the products, your daily task.
  • loyalty: A further object is to provide loyal and faithful clients. For this reason, you always have an eye on how long contracts run, and follow up with clients.
  • sales: Suitable with the existing product more chances of the Up – and Cross-Selling you may be interested in.
  • voice of the customer: As the interface between company and Customer*internal Customer-Success-specialist*have a good understanding of what the clients and demand. You specify these needs on the basis of surveys, assessments, and other instruments. These findings, they then share with other departments such as product development.

How are the future prospects of the Customer Success specialist*interior?

According to the career network LinkedIn this professional is among the Top 5 of the most promising Berufein Germany. This is because in many areas, more and more products and subscription based selling. The revenue will be realized increasingly, regularly and not as a one-time sales. Add to this that in a complex technology-driven world, customer consultation plays an increasingly important role.

What can the Customer Success specialist*interior?

With people you can work around ideally good with Numbers also. To include the Soft Skills, should be proficient in Customer-Success-specialist interior, teamwork, communication, strength and a good technical understanding. The classic way to this career through a business administration course at University. Some of the companies, but also with a good training in the commercial sector and experience in Customer Service. According to the step stone of the annual earnings of the Customer Success Manager* * is on the inside with up to 67,000 euros. As a beginner*in the you can expect at least 48.300 euros, the average salary is 55.900 Euro.


businesses and organizations of all kind depend on good communication with customers in order to sell their products and to maintain the relationships with your customers to maintain. The demand for these Skills will continue to rise in the coming years.

This article was written by Nils Matthiesen

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