How to Bridal couples about the current situation to private wedding parties can inform and what to do if you need to cancel the Celebration.

Many couples get married in spite of the corona-crisis* But how is it with the planned wedding celebration after that and all of the costs? The regulations on private wedding ceremonies in the German länder varies.

Update from the 02.06.2020 – Private wedding reception possible? Control depending on the state,

The regulations, the extent to which intimate wedding reception to celebrate the corona-crisis 2020 – restricted – possible-to-be-regulated in Each of the provinces. For all of the specific measures and information can be found on the page of the respective Federal state. Partly there are significant differences as regards, for example, the number of allowed guests at private parties.

The Portal for example, the future bride advises couples to inform themselves on the side of the Federal state , in the municipal administration of the ceremony location and the planned Location , what is currently possible.

article from 25.05. 2020: to Marry in the year 2020, or due to a Corona or rather not?

Marry in the year 2020 can be frustration instead of joy or it makes the Best of it. Susan Lippe, Bernard, editor-in-chief of the “bride & groom magazine” advises: he Who has an appointment at the registry office, it should move in any case. “Who knows when there will be one again.”

It was also difficult to get through more months, maybe a year, the anticipation is high to keep, quoted by the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the wedding expert. She recommends that patients who have planned for the year 2020 your wedding: In the Small to marry , and after the crisis, in any case, the Celebration of catching up to do. “My 30-year-old experience with marriage tells me, many would not regret it, to celebrate sometime.”

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corona crisis: Church Wedding or Festival with Trauredner do

It should be anyway often the case that Church weddings time . And also anyone who has planned a civil wedding*, could make up for a vow of this kind of later on: at a ceremony with a Trauredner. “We assume that already eh 25 percent of the couples make such a free ceremony,” said the expert.

For the further course of action advises lip-Bernard: “ you Talk to the service providers . Many Locations must you cancel now anyway, and other service providers need to restrict, but all want to continue to be able to plan.” So, you should be agreed at the time of cancellation equal to a alternative futures .

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wedding party 2020 offers moved? With service providers follow-up agreement

Some of the Locations in front of firing even directly, has undergone lip-Bernard of affected marriages. The advantage for both sides: Already made arrangements and plans, such as the menu, the host can directly . Couples have so on the second attempt not even so much work.

the same is recommended lip-Bernard for other service providers. “I would directly> to the Location of the photographer </strong , then the DJ or tape contact.” After that, the guests – who has time, should make personally and ask for understanding because some of the guests arrive from a far, and now twice in travel costs* have.

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wedding cancel: This can be move expensive

The Fixed – in consultation with all stakeholders service providers – at a later date, so it is for many couples a (in the Emergency) with appropriate measure to avoid greater cost . Who cancels, however, the Celebration entirely, can hope for a gesture of goodwill – remains in doubt, however, on the (cancellation)costs.

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civil Wedding possible in the Celebration afterwards, only at a distance

What is the right decision, of course, must know for every man for himself. While many couples move in view of the Coronkrise their planned wedding at least, to hold others in the futures 2020 – and to celebrate as far as this is possible, at least at a distance. As a Pair of Hamburg , has been accompanied by a camera team from the NDR according to the state official.

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Corona-wedding in Hamburg is to the Internet-Hit

The NDR Video shows the happy newly-weds on the way home. Published it has been, among other things, on Facebook. The well-wishers including family members and friends stand at the roadside with heart balloons and other Surprises for the bride and groom, you mustn’t take in these times in the Arm. “It was a wonderful wedding day,” said the bride.

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Due to Corona, there are in Hanau, Germany, no weddings in the castle Philippsruhe.* Many couples postpone their appointment.

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