VW has pulled a promotional spot unwanted attention. It’s racism stand-charges in the room. Now, the VW works Council and politicians expressed.

VW is going through as the entire automotive industry in the Corona-crisis and difficult times. With an advertising spot on the Internet, the group is responsible for attention, a need to listen to but also racism allegations. Now VW have spoken of the works Council and politicians to the incident.

Update from the 24. May, 13.58 PM: After a few days ago, a VW commercials with racist content was public and on the Internet caused outrage, has now expressed its view, the VW works Council to the incident. It’s fixed, “well, obviously VW happens internally error ,” said a spokesman for the Board at the weekend.

Racist VW commercial: the works Council expresses criticism of company representatives

therefore, It is more than irritating, that individual companies would assign representatives already public, the concerned Agency a debt. “Rather, it is currently a matter of this monstrosity completely – and not to hasty conclusions to educate,” said the works Council spokesperson. Previously, a VW spokesman had said the newspaper, you should be able to expect that the content of this kind would leave an international, competent Agency with headquarters in the United States in the first place.

The group audit have now started to investigate the case, said the works Council spokesperson. “If at the end of the total image is fixed, is it time to draw with all due hardness of the consequences. But until then,“ announced the speaker also.

Also, some politicians have, in the meantime, in relation to the incident, position: lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) the Video as “ clearly racist and misanthropic “and also, the VW Board member for sales Jürgen Stackmann spoke of a” racist promotional video “. The former Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) , however, according to a report in the Online edition of the Bild newspaper: “I think it is absolute nonsense , Volkswagen racism, or the intention to to support White Power.”

Update from 23. May, 16.51 PM: After massive criticism of an Instagram posted spot for the new VW Golf 8 advertising has according to the Volkswagen group itself (below), the the Agency sorry: “I am appalled and deeply concerned with how such a thing could happen in our area of responsibility,” said Tobias Pschorr, managing Director of the Voltage OMC GmbH , in a message

Racist VW ad: Agency. is considering drastic steps

criticizing promotional video for the VW novelty corresponds in any way to the ethical and moral claim to the Agency and to have triggered to the right indignation and incomprehension “We have already begun to investigate the entire process of creation of this post,” said Pschorr. “If it turns out that one of our employees or a supplier has intentionally created xenophobic or racist content , this will result in immediate termination and legal actions.” The previous approval processes would be examined by the Voltage-OMC GmbH.

In the network there are different reactions on the polarizing ad. Some Users keep moving-image Material only to be unhappy and do not believe that in the VW Video a hidden message should find a place.

off the campaign for the VW Golf 8 given the group’s problems: Due to a technical problem the delivery of the new compact class is on the ice.

racism-allegations of VW-commercial: “Wrong and distasteful”

origin article 21. May 2020:

Wolfsburg – a result of Corona-crisis* , the car groans the mobile industry, currently anyway, because the sales figures in the basement noise. the VW makes the life but also on their own initiative particularly difficult. Due to on Instagram and Twitter posted commercials, the group from Wolfsburg racism allegations is exposed.

The short Clip shows how to a dark-skinned man with two light-skinned hands through the area shoved . As if that wasn’t bad enough, it is implied at the end with a great letter from the colonial period and slavery, borrowed from the word “Negro”. Unbelievable!

racism accusations because of the VW ad: The group finds the Video “wrong and distasteful”

By fierce reactions on the Internet apologized to the car maker and deleted the Video from his Social Media platforms. “No question: The Video is wrong and tasteless ,” the company said. The Clip lead many observers to indignation and anger, he could understand. And more: “ We distance ourselves from it and apologize. , We will explain how this could happen and the consequences of it.“

Volkswagen also stated: “before the Background of our own company’s history, Volkswagen is positioned against any Form of racism, xenophobia and discrimination .”

racism accusations due to VW commercial: the works Council calls for a full explanation

Now in Trouble but also internally. Works Council chief Bernd Osterloh found clear words: “ I’m ashamed of myself for this Spot. Because I am sure I speak for the whole staff.“ The Employee representatives demand a full investigation as to who is for the Insta-Story responsible Osterloh. “The incident must now be completely solved,” said the 63-Year-old. “The works Council will not allow the responsibility for this incident permanently from the Top Management down.”

Clear words also Tahir Della, a spokesman for the Initiative Black people in Germany found : “The Video is borderline, and completely racist in its effect .” It was amazing that it took the violent reactions in the social media, so that VW even see the Video critical.

racism accusations due to VW commercial: the group felt at first miss

understood, First, had shown the car maker is still “surprised and shocked” that “our Instagram-Story be understood in such a way, miss can”. Only in the aftermath of VW rowed back staunch and noted: “Many of the initiatives in the company and in our global workforce to promote diversity, Integration and a prejudice-free cooperation .”

User “Catherine S.” summed up the entire process aptly: “VW wants to be from the last century picked up. VW, please.“ An interesting conclusion drew, meanwhile, is “Peddler Pitter Potter”: “If VW would be smart and backbone would have, would you the Clip again with a black Hand and a white man post .”

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