so Far, the Purchase was for electric cars up to 6000 euros. Through the new innovation premium has not increased this Bonus on up to 9000 euros (6750 euros in the case of Plug-in hybrids), if the vehicle costs net of more than 40,000 euros. At a retail price of up to 65,000 euros net the new premium amounts to 7500 Euro (5625 euros in the case of Plug-in hybrids).

Add to that the VAT was limited until the end of 2020, from 19 to 16 percent decreases. A Saving, the need to give the manufacturer to the customer.

electric interest is “explosive” rose

to All appearances, the savings opportunities already strong effect of friends and Interested parties in the electro mobility: In a press release Carwow reported, a new car buying comparison portal that the interest in electric but was on the rise, hybrid cars exploding. Opel Corsa-e in the Test: a Comfortable small car with lots of assistance systems PCP Opel Corsa-e in the Test: a Comfortable small car with lots of assistance systems

So on 04. June, a total of 61 percent of all configured cars electric and Plug-in hybrid vehicles, E-cars take up a share of 45 percent and Plug-in Hybrids 16 percent. A week earlier, the share of E-car was still at 10 percent. Diesel cars came to the time to 23 per cent, a week later, only 14 per cent.

new cars-interest, in total, increased

In the case of the petrol engines it looks similar to This made previously, 57 percent of all configurations. In the past week, they were only at 28 percent. To do this, it has to be mentioned that the interest in new cars is generally increased to three times the gasoline and diesel vehicles is also taken into account. Audi A6 in the Test: a Plug-in Hybrid Diesel – almost always PCP Audi A6 fails in the Test: a Plug-in Hybrid Diesel – almost always

That there were not such a strong increase in interest for electric cars and Plug-In Hybrids, surprising when you consider that you can now save more than half of the actual price: Up to 54% Savings in, for example, in the Smart EQ fortwo, beats thanks to premium and VAT reduction starting at around 10,200 euros.

Stromer half the price

The Renault Zoe is now at an average Savings of 51 percent, from about 10,700 euros. Current delivery time: Only two months. A similar Savings is expected to be a part of the VW e-Up!. This is also starting at about 11,000 euros. However, you have to wait for the e-Up is about 6 months longer. The Audi e-tron Sportback is a three months waiting period is relatively quickly available, but it only offers an average Savings of 22 percent (price: around 54,000 euros).

The waiting time is particularly important, because the reduced VAT applies only if the delivery date lies within the specified by the government period, more reported carwow in its press release.

This article was written by Tobias steel

*The post “published Up to 54 percent discount for E-cars: it is he Who must want a cheap drive, be fast,” of Contact with the executives here.

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