compared to the past weeks and months, the number of unemployed messages declined In the previous week, almost 1.9 million people had lost their Job in the week prior to that, around 2.1 million people. At the end of March was reported within a week of the record number of 6.87 million people unemployed.

Severe economic crisis in the U.S.

The Coronavirus pandemic has toppled the US – like other countries in the world – into a severe economic crisis. Last but there were signs of an easing in the labour market: In may, the unemployment rate surprisingly dropped to 13.3 percent. A very high value, but a decrease compared to April with 14.7 percent.

Actual rate is higher than statistics

However, the actual rate is likely to have lain in two months by several percentage points higher, such as the US Agency for labour market statistics admitted. Background problems in the classification of the figures of the unemployed. In may, the actual rate was, therefore, about three points higher, so in the case of more than 16 percent.

The United States have begun in recent weeks to loosen the Corona restrictions for the containment of the Virus. US President, Donald Trump wants a rapid return to normality, in order to bring the economy back in gear.

experts fear that this could lead to a rise in infection numbers. In the U.S., more than two million Coronavirus were infections and more than 112.000 deaths confirmed, more than in any other country in the world. Over 30 degrees and tropical nights: Here beware of heat stress PCP on the weekend Over 30 degrees and tropical nights: Here beware of heat stress

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