social networks can sometimes be the scene of very beautiful stories… This was particularly the case for a woman, a native of Sète, in the Hérault department, which was able to trace his missing son through Facebook, Thursday, June 25. As reported in the regional daily Midi libre, this mother, today residing in the Var, was no news for twenty years.

To keep in contact with his former life, this woman is part of the group on Facebook I was born in Sète, which brings together anecdotes and good plans around the port city in the south-west of France, and of which the community has over 13,000 members. A friend tells him that she found her son on the group. “Knowing that we did not know where he was, ( … ), so I searched the site and, when I found it, I have dark “, she says to the local newspaper.

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“You forget everything and starts from scratch”

His son had left the family home 20 years earlier, at the age of 18 years, then he discovered his homosexuality. Since then, he had given no sign of life… until last week. “He was very happy to get back in touch, I hope that he will come see me this summer,” she says, noting that she did not ask him the reason for his departure. “We talk every night on Facebook. (…) We forget everything and we start again at zero. “The Sete of origin has also not fail to thank the creator of the group on Facebook, without which it would perhaps never had the right to these family reunion full of emotions.

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