Emmanuel Macron, after Erdogan, is the head of State who is the most talked by phone with Donald Trump in recent years. Without anything concrete, if one believes the survey CNN conducted by Carl Bernstein, the veteran of journalism in the u.s., which has updated the infamous Watergate scandal in the 1970s.

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The French president tried to convince him to change his position on the agreement on iran’s nuclear and climate issues. In vain. “Macron, in general, has resulted in nothing on the bottom so that its query is ongoing-eventually irritate Trump,” writes Bernstein. In return, the French president has suffered a real “whipping” verbal. The us president has not stopped lecturing, and lecturing on the French contribution to the Nato budget, on immigration policy is too lax, on the trade…

The “stupid” Merkel “and the” May “the fool”

the fate of The French president is nothing in comparison with what they have had to undergo Theresa May, the ex-prime british minister, and Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. According to Bernstein, Donald Trump has spent his time insulting the two women and to humiliate them, so the ” almost sadistic “.

Donald Trump has accused Theresa May of being weak, ” a fool “, of a lack of spine on the Brexit or Nato, which has made the British ” agitated and nervous “. “He was clearly intimidated and it was done on purpose,” says a member of the administration. As for Merkel, it was treated as “stupid” and accused her of being ” in the pay of the Russians “. According to a German diplomat, the talks were “so unusual” that Berlin has taken special measures to avoid running. In the Face of such attacks, the chancellor remained unfazed, merely contrast it with the facts.

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The survey, which is based on anonymous sources and does not give very precise details on the confidential conversations, shows a behavior recurring bit presidential. During hundreds of phone calls with leaders foreign, Donald Trump is often very poorly prepared for discussions, having read the records and listened to the briefings of his advisors. If it behaves aggressively with his allies, he has a tendency to get manipulated by the dictators. To such an extent that a part of his entourage sees it as a threat to national security.

A vision that confirms the descriptions of John Bolton, the former national security adviser, who has just published a book charge against the president. One of the sources that Bernstein describes these calls as ” abominations, which, if they fuitaient, would require even the fat cats of the republican Party to withdraw their trust.

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According to Bernstein, many of the alumni advisors of Trump consider it ” delirium “. His conversations are like his briefings on the coronavirus : it digresse in every sense, speaks above all of himself, is made foam, made statements to the punch, stare at the tall tales you find on the Internet and reviews the opinions of the animators of the programming of Fox News…

It is regularly touted from Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of saudi arabia, and Kim Jong-un, the dictator of north korea, his wealth, his genius, of its achievements, “brilliant” and the “stupidity” of his predecessors, George Bush and Barack Obama. It also has a tendency to combine continuously its personal interests – in particular for the purpose of re-election and revenge against his political enemies – with the national interest.

What was already obvious in the phone call with the Ukrainian president, which has led to the procedure of impeachment. Donald Trump asked him to investigate the family of Biden, hoping that he would find information self-incriminating.

Putin the chess player faced with Trump the player ladies

If he attacks regularly its traditional allies, it is all honey, on the other hand, with dictators of all stripes. Especially with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who called twice a week !

This is the head of the State with which it is most looked after. The strong man Ankara asked him for favors, among which are to intervene to help a public bank of turkey in the crosshairs of american justice. It has also influenced policy in the Middle East. To the dismay of his advisers, the us president has so withdrawn its troops from Syria, which has allowed, among others, to Turkey to attack the Kurds, yet allies of Washington.

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But the most worrying is the way in which he praises Vladimir Putin. In their conversations, he tries to ” woo ” the Russian leader and to win his admiration and approval. Putin “dominates,” says a top official of the administration, comparing it to that of a grand chess master in the face of a Trump small player ladies. “The latter has lost the benefit gained from high struggle during the cold war, he continues, giving Putin and Russia a legitimacy that they never had. “

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