The cyclist Dutch Fabio Jakobsen is out of the coma the day after his crash at the finish of the Tour of Poland in Katowice (South), on Friday announced the organizers. “We have good news from the hospital of Sosnowiec. Fabio Jakobsen is now awake from the coma. His condition is good “, announced the organizers on Twitter.

” The patient is conscious, it responds to stresses, they breathe, all alone, the voltage is normal. We are very happy today, ” said the press Pawel Gruenpeter, deputy director of the hospital of Sosnowiec to the Polish media. “If he has survived such a fall, he will return surely to the sport “, he added.

Five hours of operation

Jakobsen has heavily dropped shortly before the finish line of the first stage of the Tour of Poland on Wednesday. The reigning champion of the netherlands has been slowed down by his compatriot Dylan Groenewegen (Jumbo-visman from) in a sprint at full speed, in the false flat down, and has been projected above the barriers. The rider of 23 years of the team Deceunink, placed in an induced coma, then suffered an operation from five hours to head out into the night from Wednesday to Thursday.