The time Wednesday will be marked by rainy stormy sustained on the north-east, rain showers in the west, according to forecasts from Météo-France. The rains will be supported in the morning on the Big East and the Hauts de France with at times a sound of thunder. In the afternoon, the rain of the most high will occur near the belgian and German borders. Good accumulations of rain are expected on the Lorraine, the Franche-Comté and the Northern Alps.

time will not change much on a large quarter north-west of the country, clouds will dominate with frequent showers during the day, sometimes accompanied by thunder. Between these two areas, from the north to the Massif central to the Pyrénées, Burgundy and Rhône Alpes, the sky will be more variable and storms more rare. He will have to go around the Mediterranean to find a dry weather and a sky more serene, at the price of a west wind moderate.

The minimum temperatures will range from 10 to 15 degrees in general, 14 to 19 near the Mediterranean. The maximum will vary between 23 and 27 degrees on the south-east and Corsica, and between 16 and 23 degrees on the rest of the country.