The return of summer temperatures is not for everyone. According to the forecasts of Meteo France, the weather should stay quite cool and unsettled over the whole of the country on Monday 8 June, because of ocean currents. However, it will be more lenient on the Languedoc, the Rhône valley and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur (PACA) region, with a mistral and tramontane moderate. The gusts will reach 70 km/h in the afternoon. A west wind will blow on the island of Corsica, accompanied by a few showers on the terrain.

On the rest of the Hexagon, the sky will be variable in the morning, almost covered near the English Channel and at the foot of the Pyrenees, with already of the waves scattered from the South-West to the Massif central, the Jura and the Alps in the North. In the afternoon, in the north of the Loire, the sky will alternate between clouds and sunny spells, the most beautiful on the North-West, with rare showers. The South-West to the Alps and to the North-East, the sky will be more loaded, rain showers will be accompanied by thunderstorms, in particular of the Charentes in the Centre and Auvergne regions. The rains taper off in the evening.

temperatures will change little and remain below the normal. The minimum will vary from 6 to 12 degrees in general, up to 16 near the Mediterranean. The maximum of 17 to 21 degrees on most of the regions, 22 to 25 on the South-East and Corsica.