It will take out the umbrellas. From Brittany to the Normandy by going to the pays-de-la-Loire, New-Aquitaine and the west of the Auvergne, the time will quickly be threatening. In these regions, thundershowers may occur at any time up until the evening. They will also affect the entire Massif central in the course of the day. However, an improvement will win, in the afternoon, the departments of the atlantic and the New-Aquitaine with a limited risk of showers.

On the shores of the mediterranean, and Corsica, the amount of sunshine is required, just annoyed by a few patches of high clouds. Elsewhere, the skies will be variable with even a bit of grey, in the early morning, on the paris Basin. In the afternoon, a few brief showers may occur, but the risk will mainly involve the reliefs, in particular the Pyrenees and the alpine massif, where a clap of thunder could be heard.

Side wind, it should be noted the presence of the libeccio blowing moderately on the Balagne, in Corsica. It will be the morning of 9 to 14 degrees and even 14 to 18 in the PACA region. The maximum will range from 17 to 22 degrees celsius, up to 24 to 28 in the South-East.