the words of The minister of the Interior on the reform of the methods of inquiry, including the abandonment of the key bottlenecks and the “suspicion proven” racism against some police officers, continue to make a stir among the forces of law and order. Police officers and their representatives, marched on Friday morning, the place of the Star to the grids of the ministry of the Interior, place Beauvau, while Christophe Castaner receives from Thursday the leaders of the union organizations representative of the guardians of the peace, and officers, of the officers and commissioners.

” No police, no peace “, the banner carried by Fabien Vanhemelryck, the boss of Alliance, and Olivier Hourcau, his number two, Philippe Capon, his counterpart in the Unsa, Jean-Paul Mégret, the independent Union of police commissioners and Patrice Ribeiro, of the Synergie-Officers, is meant to be an ironic answer to the “No justice, no peace,” protesters who challenge the forces of law and order.

Alliance, the majority view among the police officers of public safety – those who are the object of the opprobrium of the supporters of the ” Committee Adama Traoré “, although the police is not affected by the death of the young man intervened in the area in force, has not called for the resignation of the minister of the Interior, in contrast to Unit-SGP.

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“We expect the support of Emmanuel Macron”

Fabien Vanhemelryck has denounced the lack of support of Emmanuel Macron, in favour of the police : “The minister is a fuse. The president, we always mention last time when we held a paramount role during the health crisis. It is expected that it finally expresses to our subject, we expect the support of the head of State. We are stigmatized permanently. He had to react. We are pushing against the ambient climate. The government has to choose his camp, that of the police and not the one of those which disturb the public order. The police is neither racist nor violent. Gender diversity is in our DNA. These are our colleagues who are lynched. The police are victims of violence. They were slaughtered during the demonstrations of the yellow Vests. And despite this, they continue to work, despite the after-effects. “

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According to noise corridors, initiated in particular by Unit-SGP, Christophe Castaner, would have promised to review the cancellation of the stranglehold that he had advocated during his press conference. “The control head has nothing to do with the key bottlenecks : this is a gesture necessary and effective, which allows us to neutralize an arrested recalcitrant. On the public highway, in the cities, in particular, the respondent refused to comply and does not bring not to an order. Either one lets flourish a disorder, or one stop. Our mission until further notified is to put a stop to it, ” says a brigadier who was keen to express his anger.

According to Le Parisien, the minister of the Interior should announce that the generalization of a gun electric pulse in the replacement of the ” key bottleneck “. But arbitrations are not yet made, especially as the forces of law and order are décolèrent not for the past two days : many police officers in the province have thrown their handcuffs in front of their office.

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