noodles were considered as an integral part of every hamster purchase. According to market research firm Nielsen, the week’s sales, was most recently at peak times by a whopping 170 per cent on the previous year. For the Pasta supply of the discounters Aldi sent specially special trains to Italy.

The high demand has led manufacturers both to higher grain prices as well as higher production costs. In many companies, it was even worked on the weekend in 12-hour shifts, resulting in costs primarily to increase in personnel. This effort did not get the consumer to feel in the past.

Aldi could increase in the price of a pioneer for other super markets

It is only the price of an article is, but it could provide a broad impact. According to the “food newspaper” has Aldi Süd confirms that the cost for his “Fusilli”noodles of the own brand “Cucina” to increase from 45 to 49 cents.

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distributors to deny, however, that hoarding could be the reason for rising costs: “in Isolation from the Corona-crisis announced by the supplier also in the first quarter of price increases and also by set. This will be Newspapers in the future, possibly also in the sales prices reflect that,” says Steffen Schmidt from the retail company “the globe” to the “food”.

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