the Government has withdrawn the first passport of a Danish fremmedkriger. It confirms the man’s lawyer, Mette Grith Stage, to Berlingske.

The 25-year-old man is, according to Berlingske raised on the copenhagen perform.

He is English-Turkish citizen who is wanted by Danish police for terrorism, just as a judge has already handed down a period of imprisonment over him.

because of a new and controversial law it has now become possible to deprive fremmedkrigere the passport administratively.

the Law provides the opportunity to take the passport and the rights of the danes, for example, there has been in Syria and fought for the militant movement Islamic State (IS).

Lawyer Mette Grith Stage informs to Berlingske that she got the message Monday afternoon. She briefed immediately inform his client.

– he is very tired, she says to the Marsbahis news agency Ritzau about the man’s response to the administrative decision. The lawyer will now appeal the decision of the Copenhagen city Court in order to get made the on.

In addition, points out the lawyer, that the situation in legal terms is “strange”.

On the one hand, consider the authorities that he should be deprived of the Danish passport, and thus the Danish authorities ‘ responsibility. On the other hand, believes the authorities also, that he be prosecuted in Denmark.

He is due to a requirement of the public prosecutor has been remanded in custody by a judge – it is done in absentia, i.e. without the man himself was present.

Now ask the lawyer, whether the prosecutor’s office and police will put a line over the criminal proceedings, because the Danish authorities are unlikely to have it as a task to prosecute a Turkish citizen to join the Islamic State.

РSo now I would like to know if there is a påtaleopgivelse from the crown prosecution service, says Mette Grith Stage to Ritzau.