The Best of two worlds? The wanted to offer Volkswagen its customers. In Eos United the wolf Burger, thanks to the retractable roof made of sheet metal coupe and convertible in a car – even a double the pleasure needed.

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – he Was the Experiment worth it? In any case, VW’s convertible coupe got a complicated component: the metal folding roof, the engineers gave also a glass sunroof.

With the result that the part was never a really dense, like the “Auto Bild Tüv Report, 2020” writes. However, this is not the only point of criticism, the the in Parts quite solid Volkswagen – the was discontinued after nine years of production time without replacement.

model history: The VW Eos, constructed on the platform of the Passat, came in 2006 to the dealers. For the 2011 model year the Facelift: modified equipment, Front and rear, the engines ran more efficient. From the program of the rare V6 flew.

body versions: The Eos, a compact-class passenger Car is a coupe, a convertible, combines the two variants in a vehicle.

dimensions: 4.41 m x 1.79 m x 1.44 m (LxWxH), trunk volume: 360 l (with the roof open, half of it).

Strengths: The Eos is a comfortable and rigid car that has a mass manufacturer like VW some exotic status. In the main study (HU) cut in front of all axle suspension, steering system, and joints well. Also mostly free of defects: brake lines and hoses and Parking brake. Stand the exhaust system.

weaknesses: Not a good picture of tail lights and turn signals left on the models, which had the fourth HU set. To the vehicle age of nine years are also the springs and dampers, the defects rates is above average. From this age, the brake discs are also negative, so the Tüv Report. Only average marks for the service brake in the case of vehicles pulled up to the third HU. And: interested buyers should examine Used for leaks in the retractable roof.

breakdown behavior: The ADAC writes with a view to its breakdown statistics: “The Eos performs mostly good.” Vehicles from first registration year 2012, made an excursion into the midfield. One of the few Mishaps of gravity of the Club-discharged or defective batteries (2009), as well as broken or elongated timing chains (2009 and 2010). This defect occurs according to the Tüv Report, especially when the 1.4-Liter TSI.

engines: gasoline (Four – and six-cylinder with front-wheel drive): 85 kW/115 HP to 191 kW/260 HP; Diesel (four-cylinder with front-wheel drive): 103 kW/140 HP.

the market prices (according to the “DAT market mirror” of the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand, each with statistically expectable kilometers):

– Eos 1.4 TSI (2013); 118 kW/160 PS (four-cylinder); 96 000 km; EUR 11 000.

– Eos 2.0 TSI (2015); 155 kW/210 PS (four-cylinder); 71 000 kilometres and 14 250 Euro.

– Eos-2.0 TDI BMT (2014); 103 kW/140 HP (four-cylinder); 102 000 km; 12 to 250 Euro.