Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shown on Twitter a design that shows the facade of the first German Tesla factory in grünheide (Brandenburg). In front of a trapezoidal-shaped pool of water, the relatively low Front of the huge building is built, in addition to a great Lounge is scheduled for the area. On the roof of the building you can see the solar cells; also, if it is known that Tesla can get its necessary energy entirely from green electricity, but a private gas-fired power plant builds.

electric-temple to 12,000 people work to offer

the plant is to be built starting in 2021, the Model 3 and the new SUV Model Y. An annual capacity of 500,000 cars is provided. In perspective, Tesla promises the creation of 12,000 jobs. In a development centre in Berlin, Musk wants to let in addition, new models of planning, such as a city vehicle. The battery production itself does not take place, however, in green Heath. The reasons for this are unclear.

The Brandenburg land, have given the Agency the green light for further Work with an early start, informed the Ministry of the environment on Tuesday in Potsdam. In order for the company start – up and Foundation might work as well as earthworks and shell to carry out the work and traffic areas to build. Audi boss: “See the lead of Tesla in Lithium-technology FOCUS Online Audi CEO: “not” See the advantage of Tesla in Lithium technology don’t want to launch”

In a year – starting in July of next year, Tesla in green Heath, with the production. The final environmental permit for the factory by the Land of Brandenburg, is still to be, that is why Tesla is taking current to Work at their own risk and applied for early approvals. Tesla has already cleared 90 acres of pine forest on the 300-acre Grounds and the ground for the building site leveled. Further deforestation is planned, but not for the current Work.

Tesla must on waters protection

The permit, according to information from the Ministry of the environment no Work above the planned pile foundations, as well as components and cables below the ground-water head. An aquifer is a rock body with a hollow, the ground water can pass. Tesla needs to for the approval of the Foundation and structural requirements to waters protection and prevention of dust and noise to work to comply with. Environmentalists fear the construction of the factory’s negative impacts on the natural environment, for example, on the groundwater. Electrical China-Volvo: Why Audi and BMW in front of the Polestar 2 FOCUS Online Electric China-Volvo: need to tremble, tremble, Why Audi and BMW in front of the Polestar 2

so Far, more than 370 objections to the project to the country were received. Tesla filed a few days ago an updated application for approval under the Federal Immission control act in the state of Brandenburg. Therefore, citizens can have up to 3. September new objections. For the 23. September is planned in Erkner a public hearing.

Green club NABU wants to prevent plant

Tesla, meanwhile, is seen from the citizens ‘ initiative for green Heath, supported by the naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), critical – the Association wants to prevent the work. “We have set ourselves a pollutant-free and sufficient drinking water, the preservation of our landscape and protected areas, clean air, protection against the increase in traffic noise, for health and especially that of our children. Therefore, we reject the settlement of a large industry such as the Gigafactory 4 at the location of grünheide,” says the Association on its website. There is a lot of environmental concerns against the work.

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