It has now been the consequences for the teacher, who is employed at Lille Næstved School in Karrebæk.

The writing Life.

The female teacher has been relieved of teaching in that class indefinitely.

It appears by a lookup on the class page in the skoleintranettet Aula, writes lokalmediet.

the Decision comes a few days after the school’s top leader, Torben Møller Nielsen, to Zealand explained that he would not comply with the disgruntled parents ‘ desire to move the teacher.

B. T. has asked Torben Møller Nielsen, if he has a comment as to why it has decided to exempt the female teacher for teaching in that class. To this he replies in a text message:

‘I have no comment.’

It was during a tillidsøvelse in the class at the beginning Nakitbahis of september, that it all happened.

Two and two, the children were first asked to put the arm on each other and become comfortable with touching each other, Birgitte Bridge Petersen, who is one of the many disgruntled parents of the children in the class, told to B. T.

Then it developed that the teacher said that the students should give each other a kiss on the cheek and later got the students according to Birgitte Bridge Petersen, to know that they got the cream puffs or wine gums if they tungekyssede.

“In the situation is she’s not an adult. It is unacceptable. The children get so much to know about, that must fit in with mediemobning, and there will be people at the school, which teaches them, that you must not share such things on social media,” she explained to the B. T.

“It is in such a situation, that we as parents need to say stop. Why should she encourage children to tungekysse, and why should she record it? I don’t understand it,” she added.