the Corona-aid package may take the European Union for the first time, debt. The big question now is: How do I pay you? In the conversation is to allow the EU to levy its own taxes. However, in the CDU and CSU opposition.

Munich– Probably even the Greens are likely to be surprised to have been: Friedrich Merz is calling for a coalition of his CDU with the Eco -. The hope of many Conservative wooing the enemy of many a Conservative. “Black-and-Green sitting however, in many middle-class families already at the Breakfast table,” observed the 64-Year-old. And amazingly, there is – just to the beginning of the German presidency of the EU Council – a content average amount of notice. Both want the EU can raise taxes. In the Union, this is a touchy subject.

In the Green policy paper the point is not, for example, under the Heading “European Union”, but in the paragraph, “monetary and fiscal policy”. “The EU needs their own responsibility for economic and fiscal policy. You need a budget that is large enough to stabilize macro-economically, and in severe crises, subsidies to national households make“, – stated in detail in the otherwise rather General principle of the program. “This budget needs to have their own tax revenues.”

Interesting: Recently had commented Friedrich Merz is quite similar: “The EU must at some point have their own tax revenues, if it is to fulfil the tasks that it already has, let alone new tasks.” That sounds significantly different than the previous Union position. In the programme for the European elections in 2019 had cheated the Union to a clear position around The member States must be given “as much autonomy and responsibility as possible, especially in the budgetary and financial policy”, it said.

But soon the CDU and the CSU will need to take a stand: For, with the Corona-aid package of 750 billion Euro, recording of European debt in a big way on the EU, was in Brussels for the first time budget. And soon the question of who pays for the interest and the repayment takes. The Member States? Or is it the EU as an Institution, the need but also the corresponding revenue? In the discussion of a Digital and a plastic are still expensive.

The CDU and especially the CSU controversy are therefore, to the house. In the last the right of the CSU Executive Board meeting prior to Corona there were, therefore, already a small skirmish between EPP Group leader Manfred Weber and the Chairman of the land group in the Bundestag, Alexander Dobrindt. Weber has already spoken several times for our own receipts of the EU.

Dobrindt rejected this: “The EU is a Union of States and not a Federal state. Therefore, it is financed through the contributions of their members and not their own taxes,“ he said to our newspaper. Also, the repayment of billion in debt to the contributions and under the control of the national parliaments. Behind his rejection of the concern of a number of Conservative is likely to strengthen in the case of a change in the price of the AfD. Will be crucial at the end, like Angela Merkel, and Markus Söder in the question position. Both are strikingly covered.