Online julekalendere at the nation’s colleges contribute to an exclusionary culture, believes gymnasielevers president.

At several Danish high schools are made an online advent calendar on Instagram, where photos of the school’s handsome and popular boys and girls are put up along with a text.

But the so-called “babe-julekalendere” is an expression of an unhealthy culture, believes the Danish high scool students Association.

– The here julekalendere is generally not something we support and endorse. We believe that it is an expression of a frustrated and exclusionary culture.

– We will clearly call for that you take a very critical look at the calendars and look at what it is for a culture, they are expressions of, says chairman Martin Mejlgaard.

Martin Mejlgaard is not clear about how long the online julekalendere have existed, but stresses that it is not a new phenomenon.

Although there is a big difference in how the different julekalendere is administered, it is not a good idea to have them, believe Martin Mejlgaard.

– of course There are different levels of them. But in most cases, it is our impression that it is something that has had unfortunate undertones, he says.

According to BT, there have been made julekalendere at Rysensteen Gymnasium, Slagelse Gymnasium, Roskilde cathedral School, Castle high School, Egedal Gymnasium, Allerød Gymnasium Stenhus Gymnasium.

Slagelse Gymnasium is the society closed down, and the rector, Lotte Büchert has called the content sexist and condescending.

– The pictures I have seen, are not offensive, but I take the distance from the texts, which is degrading, sexist and manufactures the girls as objects.

– Therefore I take the distance. But also of trivselsmæssige reasons, she says to Jyllands-Posten.

Martin Mejlgaard is pleased to Slagelse Gymnasium has chosen to close the online calendar.

– We are glad that you at Slagelse Gymnasium has chosen to abandon society and take the consequences of this here culture.

– For we do not believe there should be things at the gymnasielivet, which contributes to the you can follow him expelled, he says.

Also, Espergærde Gymnasium, Roskilde business College and Egedal Gymnasium has, according to Berlingske closed the school’s online advent calendar down.

At the Rysensteen Gymnasium has also been shut down for an advent calendar, but the students have created yet another.