Statutory sick wet pay implants usually only a fixed subsidy, crowns & co. The amount according to the legally established standard care. It does not matter which tooth replacement the Patient receives. This means: In the case of particularly expensive implants, the majority of the cost to the Insured remains then hang.

The leader pays for everything

The “Stiftung Warentest”, as determined in various scenarios, such as the amount of fails, the a cash patient to self-must shoulders. Check the controller performance for dentures, Inlays and implants are compared. In addition, they were interested in the contractual clauses.

the auditors found that prior to the implant treatment, a bone treatment, can amount to the total cost of up to 4070 euros. The best statutory health insurance covers only 487 Euro. Thus, the deductible, the patient is 3583 Euro. Health insurance-benefits at a Glance (indicator) Now in the free health insurance comparison to find the best conditions!

Numerous providers of supplemental dental insurance companies will cover this amount completely, some of the other 80 to 90 percent.

the best deals

The experts tested 249 tariff offers. The bottom line is that twelve suppliers of the best grade were able to achieve “Very good”.

additional tariffs for Insured persons of all funds: Good for little money

An extract of the especially good (each, an overall grade of “very good”), and the cheapest provider you can find here. The 43-year-old model, a customer pays in the first year of Contribution from 34 in the month. Financial test

The best of the best rate offers

The listing contains good and very good rates to a financial test rating of “good” to a permanent monthly amount of € 28. Financial test

tips of the “Stiftung Warentest”

Provisions: , The statutory health insurance companies cover only parts of the costs for dentures. Easy additional rates to cover the share of standard solutions. Expensive treatments require a contract with a comprehensive range of services. It is useful to have a policy to complete before major renovations are pending.

winner: In expensive dentures a powerful additional policy is required. Many providers were able to earn the best grade. The 43-year-old model, the patient pays between 34 to 46 euros per month. In the higher age, the premiums may increase to a maximum of 61 to 88 euros. The best especially cheap rates are: Continentale CEZK-U and Debeka EZ50. 43-year-old new customers have to pay 16 euros a month, there is no age-related increase.

standard solution: Who is with the rule supply of satisfied, for a simpler Tariff is sufficient. The cheapest rates with a very good supply for three euros monthly premium provides DKV with KombiMed KDT50. The costs rise to a maximum of eight euros per month.

currency: do you already Have a dental insurance? If you pay less contribution to or better than in the past want to switch to another Tariff with your current provider. In a new contract with another insurer for several years, often takes, until you have to claim the full benefits.

Top-basic protection from three Euro in the month of

to Whom as a cash patient is the rule, supply enough, you can be insured for little money. The above-mentioned tariffs have been cut off with a “very good” in the rule supply. The cost increase in age is limited. Financial test

Extras not rated: From acupuncture to tooth cleaning

Many of the additional insurance will not only reimburse costs for dentures, but also offer more performance, something the professional tooth cleaning. This is not included in the evaluation.

These include:

  • composite fillings
  • root canal treatment
  • periodontal treatment
  • functional analysis
  • hypnosis
  • professional dental cleaning

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