George Soros is one of the richest people on this earth, and enjoys a legendary reputation as an Investor and hedge Fund Manager of the Quantum hedge Fund, which is the most powerful decades of incredible gains. It helped him with his enormous risk-taking and a keen sense for trends in the market. But what Soros and other billionaires in the crisis? And the private investors should follow suit?

Soros: security is the key

Soros is gone lately, on a shopping tour. The shares of the following companies were with him on the list:

  • AGNC: This is a type of property Fund that is not invested in physical real estate, not in concrete but in mortgage – backed securities. A very safe Investment since the total portfolio of the company consists of a number of government-insured securities.
  • Cenovus: An energy company that operates many oil and gas companies in the United States and Canada.
  • NiSource is a provider that supplies seven US States with natural gas and electricity. Just like the other titles, the focus here is on a strong dividend.

Bill Gates relies on technology

Quite different, however, the asset managers of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation put on a shopping tour: you on technology, what this founding father of the Foundation, it’s no wonder. His Foundation, the largest Foundation in assets in the world, grew increasingly at Apple(!), Amazon, Google’s own Alphabet, Alibabaund Twitterein. His shares in the first four were assessed at the end of March, each with between 100 and 130 million dollars, while its Twitter holdings were “only” about 7 million dollars worth. In addition, the Foundation with over $ 300 million has increased schrod Inge, a Software developer for the pharmaceutical industry. Sold Gates, however, five million of Berkshire Hathaway stock to Warren Buffett. The sale, however, was not a Surprise: Buffett belongs to the circle of friends of the Microsoft founder, and gives to the Gates Foundation every year to share.

Warren Buffet: beware of the Roast, not

Speaking of Buffett. The fourth richest man in the world currently holds the feet amazingly quiet. Often, he took advantage of crises to buy undervalued shares, this Time, however. And this despite the enormous Cash holdings of 137 billion US dollars. The inaction interpret many as a warning sign that the stock markets could once again crash. After all, Buffett seems to have the confidence in the own company is not lost. The star investor bought after shares of his own company, in the amount of 1.6 billion US dollars.

Invest billionaires better?

Should try small investors, the strategies of the billionaires to imitate? This is difficult to answer. Ultimately, billionaires are not able to predict the future. Moreover, non-transparent, remains, what exactly do you do in the stock market. It doesn’t hurt to know what the super-rich on the stock market to do. But what are the shares and securities for private investors to make sense, always depends on what time horizon he has and what is the risk he is willing to take. This is a question that everyone must answer for themselves.

This article was written by Nils Matthiesen

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