The mp RN Louis Aliot, the opposite in a duel in Perpignan to the outgoing mayor Jean-Marc Pujol in the second round of municipal elections, was elected mayor of Perpignan, on Sunday. “It is a system that is collapsing,” said Perpignan mp RN after his victory (53 %) in the face of the mayor with LR Jean-Marc Pujol, 71 years of age, in office since 2009. Supported by a fragile “republican front”, he did, contrary to 2014 failed to mobilise in the face of a candidate of the far right who had applied to police her speech and reassure beyond his party.

“We got to Perpignan the same political staff at the helm since 1959. Ca became unhealthy,” said Louis Aliot, 50 years ago, in reference to the right republican who had led since the beginning of the Fifth republic the Catalan city, one of the poorest cities of France “The worst installs at the helm of our city,” responded the ecologist Agnès Langevine, on march 3rd, which was abandoned, as Roman Grau (LREM, arrived 4th), fellow of the promotion of Emmanuel Macron to the ENA, and former deputy of the outgoing mayor. Perpignan was in the line of sight of the lepénistes for more than a quarter of a century and, at its fourth attempt, the former director of cabinet of Jean-Marie Le Pen, and ex-companion of his daughter Marine has finally won his bet.

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Title + bold // The municipal elections and the birth of a new political landscape