scottish police said to have killed a suspect during an operation Friday in Glasgow. Six people, including a policeman, were injured in an attack the details of which are not yet known. Media have also reported three deaths, though no official confirmation or details on the incident have not been made. An important feature of the security forces was deployed in the city centre of Glasgow, and several streets have been buckled up, said a journalist of the Agence France-Presse.

“The incident is contained and the public is not in danger,” said Steve Johnson, one of the leaders of the scottish police. “I can confirm that a suspect, a man, got shot by an armed police “, he added, quoted in a tweet by the scottish police. According to him, a police officer intervening on site has been injured and admitted to hospital. He would be in a critical condition, but stable according to the latest information received.

The policeman has been stabbed to death

The Interior minister Priti Patel has mentioned in a tweet information ” deeply alarming “, without giving more details. The First minister of scotland Nicola Sturgeon has described as “truly horrible” information from Glasgow. According to the Twitter account of the Federation the scottish police, an organization that represents the officers, the wounded officer has been stabbed.

A witness quoted by the agency APS reported four people taken away by ambulance. Craig Milroy said he saw a man “to earth, with a person to his sides” : “I don’t know if it was a bullet wound, a wound with a knife or what it was. “A witness, a woman named Louise, told the news channel Sky News have seen people in the blood to the ground, taken care of.

” I saw people running out of the hotel, the police shouting hands in the air, hands in the air, get out. “There were police cars, ambulances all over the street, which was cordoned off. The police shouted to people from other buildings near the hotel Park Inn to stay inside. “These facts occur less than a week after three men were fatally stabbed last Saturday in Reading, west of London, the facts of which the police counter-terrorism has been entered.