Schalke 04 in the crisis: chief financial officer Peter Peters asked the Supervisory Board to the resolution of his contract. He worked for 27 years for the Royal blue.

The FC Schalke 04 , that is, not only athletically, but also financially in a deep crisis. Chief financial officer Peter Peters now asked for the resolution of his contract. Since the 1993 , he held Offices in the Board of management of the Association.

Gelsenkirchen – The FC Schalke 04 is sporty in a deep crisis, for the past eleven games, the king Blues are in the League* winless, what coach David Wagner draws in the focus of the criticism. However, his financial Worries the tradition of the club* needs to get fixed, however, with a new staff. Financial Executive Peter Peters asked the Association to resolution of the working paper.

Chaos in Schalke 04: chief financial officer Peters dissolves the contract – “Has made a courageous decisions”

The Supervisory Board the Gelsenkirchen club to club Boss Clemens Tönnies corresponded to Peters, as a result, his desire and ended the cooperation with immediate effect as the club announced. Accurate backgrounds for the sudden request for termination of contract none of the two parties described.

, “Peter Peters has contributed in the past almost three decades, our Association is crucial,” said Supervisory Board boss Clemens Tönnies . “In doing so, he has made a courageous and far-sighted decisions for the good of the club. Without him, Schalke would not be the club it is today. Our thanks to“ the S04-chief is due to him . Since 1993, Peters was in the club, first as CEO and later as Executive Board member for Finance and Organisation.

Chaos in Schalke 04: chief financial officer Peters dissolves the contract – “Has made a courageous decisions”

at the beginning of the Corona-crisis had communicated to the heavily indebted League-founding member*, to be vulnerable, “existential”. Of debt in the amount of 197 million euros the speech is. Now, the Association has to cope with the economically tense situation without his long-term employees who had received since 2012, open-ended contract ,.


Now it is speculated whether or not Peters did not want to leave voluntarily the club but was pushed. The image, according to Peters at Schalke due to to be its in addition to activities, a thorn in the side of been. Of 57-Year-old as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the German football League (DFL), as well as a DFB Vice-President active.

Chaos in Schalke 04: hardship application outraged loyal Fans

another reason could be the “hardship application”* , the polarized within the community. It was all to the financial refund of season tickets for the end of the season, which will be played in the Form of Spirit*. Card holders who had demanded their money back, were asked by the Association to its decision to establish and prove even . An apology from the club was not well received.

The Schalke is planned for this year in spite of the Corona-crisis* a lot, so the spin-off the professional Department should be completed in the autumn, which will be open to investors and other donors.


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