With the Monsanto Acquisition has brought Bayer’s many problems. It’s not just the weed killer glyphosate. Also, the middle Dicamba leads to dispute in court, now he was withdrawn in the United States for the time being the admission. Also, BASF is affected and many farmers.

San Francisco (AP) – a setback for Bayer, and BASF: A U.S. court has a 2018 authorisation granted to the weed ester Dicamba destroy lifted.

The US environmental protection Agency EPA have assessed the risks of the product incorrectly, – was stated in the reasoning of the court on Wednesday (local time) in San Francisco. In consideration of the error of the EPA at the time of authorisation on the one hand, and of the consequences of a repeal on the other hand, the means will be withdrawn from the registration.

The decision applies in addition to the Dicamba-based weed killer XtendiMax Bayer also Engenia from BASF, as well as FeXapan of the US group Corteva. Bayer and BASF does not agree with the judgment and will consider the next steps on how speakers of both Dax-listed companies, the financial news Agency dpa said AFX.

Depending on the actions of the EPA and whether the ruling will be successfully challenged, it is important to keep the impact on customers in the United States this season as low as possible, said the Bayer spokesman for more. Financial impact currently, still nothing, let say.

So, farmers are not allowed to use the herbicides longer, although you may have already spent a lot of money for seed that is resistant to them. Agricultural corporations earn in addition to the sale of the weed killer also money, for example, with soybean, cotton and corn seeds that are resistant to the herbicides, such as with Dicamba, or glyphosate treated fields can be applied.

So, the EPA had extended the authorisation for the Dicamba products only towards the end of 2018, shortly before the expiry of the old permit with restrictions. Dicamba caused, at the time, in particular for negative headlines, because the Wind blew the funds on areas in which non-immune plants were grown. Because of the damage to neighbouring fields, many farmers demand compensation for damages.

it was Only in February 2020, a US Jury, Bayer and BASF had condemned in a legal dispute to million heavy damages. In total, the two businesses should pay a peach farmer from Missouri 265 million US dollars. He accused the companies that have suffered by the use of Dicamba on adjacent fields, crop losses, because parts of the weed to destroy his TERS on his plantations blown. Both Bayer and BASF announced that they would appeal against the judgment.

Dicamba is already longer in use, and was distributed by the now of Bayer swallowed US Seed company Monsanto, also as the best-selling glyphosate in the control of certain weeds due to the arising of resistance was part less effective. The admission of the now affected by the ban Dicamba-variant ends, meanwhile, already in December 2020. Currently, a procedure for authorisation of the following years. Bayer hopes to have an approval decision in the autumn.