After the riots in Stuttgart last weekend, announced by the police’s increased presence in the downtown. The authority wants to put on talks and de-escalation.

On the weekend (20. and 21. June) it came in Stuttgart violent riots and looting. Case, it should again come to similar events, wants to prepare the police , the state capital since. The authority announced that increased presence of officers .

Stuttgart – the Stuttgart police after the recent riots, for the coming weekend presence increased announced. In particular, the Friday and Saturday nights the police want to be as a response to the riots, with hundreds of officers in the downtown in use, such as the police spokeswoman Monika Ackermann to the AFP news Agency said. According to her, no alcohol, or travel restrictions are scheduled for this weekend.

Ackermann has announced, however, that there will be more discussions between the police and the city to proceed in the coming weeks are planned. The police spokesperson further said the number of injured police officers have increased in the meantime 32 . None of them was seriously injured.

The strategy of the forces, said Ackermann, the Südwestrundfunk, the police will first of all put on talks . “We try at an early stage, the mood catch : Where are we with the mood? Could break the mood?“

After the riots in Stuttgart, Germany: police stops on

“of course, We try not to let it come as a group dynamics with hundreds of violent criminals,” said Ackermann. The police have made the experience that the Affected in small groups of three to five people to be still for communication.

In Stuttgart, had rioted in the night to the last Sunday hundreds of people and police officers attacked. The forces were pelted with bottles and stones , and several shops looted. On Twitter, the police called upon the public to provide clues. The criminal police has established an investigative group.