The savings plan of Renault to be unveiled little by little. According to information from Figaro, the automotive group plans to remove 5,000 jobs in France by 2024, mainly through retirements not replaced. The manufacturer will present its plan to save two billion euros on Friday, may 29. Contacted by Agence France-Presse on the evening of Tuesday, Renault did not wish to comment on this information. According to the latest figures available, the company employs in France, approximately 48 000 people, 27 % of its global workforce. The deletions, if they are confirmed, would therefore represent more than 10 % of the workforce of French group renault.

While several sites of the manufacturer in France are threatened, according to press information, ” Renault has given a guarantee on the maintenance in France of the value-added activities such as assembly, Cleon, a new electric motor for the three partners of the Alliance (Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi), but also the repatriation to Douai vehicle assembly, which was held outside of France “, according to the newspaper. The manufacturer could also generalize the work at a distance for its design activities, in order to reduce costs, says the journal.

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” to Refuse to transform now, it is running the risk of the disappearance of Renault tomorrow “, said on Tuesday evening the minister of Economy and Finance Bruno The Mayor, interviewed on BFMTV about these information. “The closures of sites, it can only be the latest end “, he added, saying that the State would be “demanding” on the conditions under which will be granted the loan guaranteed by the State 5 billion euros promised to the constructor.

Renault must disclose on Friday the outline of a plan to save two billion euros, announced in February. The group at the diamond through a bad patch : after you have registered in 2019, its first net loss in ten years, he was still weakened by the crisis of the sars coronavirus. These information were revealed at a time when the president of the Republic presented an assistance plan for the sector of the automobile from the factory Valeo in Etaples in the Pas-de-Calais. Regarding Renault, Emmanuel Macron, has claimed that “all employees (sites) of Maubeuge and Douai may have all the guarantees on their future” within the group, and announced the negotiations as early as Monday, with the management, the unions and local politicians.

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