A Swiss baby food manufacturer recalls a product because of a warning from the office for food safety. For infants, the contained bacterium is especially dangerous.

Swiss authority warns of baby foods . The bacterium Cronobacter was found in two products of the manufacturer, Bimbosan . In the case of infants it can cause infections that can lead to a meningitis or blood poisoning .

Welschenrohr/Munich – In the Bimbosan processed cereal-based foods “Bio-hosana graduated from the” and “Bio-2” is a strain of Cronobacter spp. found. The Swiss Federal food safety and veterinary office fsvo warns in a press release prior to the consumption of the product, as Cronobacter spp. could result in newborn and infants up to 12 months to serious infections such as Meningitis (inflammation of the brain).

processed cereal-based foods “Bio-hosana graduated from the” 3-grit in the refill bag of 300 grams

lot number: L19432S1 date of minimum durability: 19.07.2021

processed cereal-based foods “Bio-2” oats, and spelt in refill bags of 300 grams.

lot number: L27057200201 date of minimum durability: 13.10.2021

recall of Bimbosan baby food: a Special risk for preterm and immunocompromised infants

infection by Cronobacter spp. (formerly Entrobacter sakazakii) can lead to Meningitis to Sepsis (blood poisoning), clarifies the Bavarian state office for health and food safety. Be jeopardized by the children under six months . For preterm and by diseases damaged, weakened immune systems infants is the risk even higher.

“the germ is found ubiquitously and a contamination of infant food is not always be avoided completely, recommends the world health organization (WHO), infant food, always fresh the infant to give, after Cooling to drinking temperature immediately “, – stated on the Website of the state office more.

recall of baby food: opinion of the producer Bimbosan

Bimbosan explains in a statement: “Cronobacter sakazakii is a specific bacterium, for very small babies (up to 2 months) and early a health risk births in very rare cases, may represent.β€œ

Therefore, the bacterium was not specifically allowed in the beginning of milk . In the case of products that are aimed at older children, would be so far of the principle that this bacterium is not a security risk, so the baby food manufacturer. “Only in the infant milks (up to 6 months) Cronobacter may not happen. In follow-up formula (from 6 months) and in baby foods is not a food safety criterion for Cronobacter spp isβ€œ, writes the Swiss producer himself.

the affected products are food, the to be suitable for children aged four (“Bio-hosana graduated from”) and five months (“Bio-2”). Thus, the presence of the bacterium does not match the Swiss health standards , what justifies the warning of the Swiss Federal office for food safety and veterinary office.

recall of Bimbosan baby food: Swiss product for customers

The callback* in the Swiss product is for German clients is relevant, because the baby food in the Internet is available and also of persons, the can be purchased in the border area life.

Also in Germany, it always comes back to a Product recall*. The reasons are numerous. Recently, the pharmaceutical company Hexal called back a drug. Rewe pulled out a baking ingredient from the market. The beer can be affected. A brewery warned of your drink.


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