Four years after his ouster of Questions for a champion, Julien Lepers suffered a serious setback. According to the information of Paris, the council of prud’hommes of Paris rejected almost all of his claims in the face of Fremantle Media, production company of the issuance, in the context of his dismissal in 2016.

The moderator called for, in total, the sum of 3 434 698,50 euros but will not earn ” as ” the amount of his severance pay, namely € 800,000. A sum calculated on a salary of 39 907 euros per month. He had, for a time, perceived that 1 316,28 euros. After three years of proceedings, the ex-presenter of game daily on France 3, which is now presented by Samuel Étienne, announced through his lawyer that he will call.

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According to Le Parisien, Julien Lepers believed that her dismissal, in 2016, was ” founded on discrimination on grounds of age “. He relied for this on the remarks of the president of France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte-Cunci, who, three months before his dismissal, had said : “It was a flat of white men over the age of 50, and that, that would have to change. “Not convinced, the council of prud’hommes, rejects this claim for” termination without cause real and serious “, in the amount of 1.4 million euros.

“Cleavage” and lower hearings

The production company was justified in the letter of dismissal by the lower court hearings of the issuance of France 3 over the years and complained of a “cleavage” between Julien Lepers and “the expectations of the public,” highlighted by a recent study. Fremantle believed at the time that the personality of the presenter ” (generates) a real weariness and (could) lead to a distancing with respect to the issue “.

Rejected the claim of 480 000 euros to the heading “conditions brutal and vexatious in which was held the dismissal” in the middle of the season without a farewell after twenty-eight years of Questions for a champion. The production company has to provide evidence of the refusal of Julien Lepers to take part in a joint press release and a special issue in his honour with the best moments of the show. Ditto for the damage to the image, to which Julien Lepers demanded 500,000 euros, saying that his name had been ” sullied “.

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“My client has obtained the minimum,” says the daily’s lawyer, Pierre-Olivier Lambert. While not wanting to assign amounts too large, the council of prud’hommes was not very brave. But we will win the second round. We have all the elements to prove that you can not dismiss a person because it is felt that it has become old-fashioned. “