Actually, Pullacher CSU Caroline Voit would gladly have seen as the third mayor in the municipality. But now the 42-year-old presenter is no longer even a member of the party and the group.

Pullach – On the phone she informed the group spokesperson Christine Eisenmann on your outlet, reported this. “We regret this very much and hope that the Band is not torn completely,” says Eisenmann. The decision surprised me.

Also Voit is trying to smash no more porcelain. “I want to continue with all the talking,” she says of the Münchner Merkur on Tuesday on the phone. However, with the course of the group top and the “personal war” of the past few weeks, you could not identify, therefore you will as a faction, and Party on. “I went to the local Council to make tangible policy.” Actually, you have to want to mandate Deposit, but was party to Continue asked.

in order To limit damage, and a Majority sought, makes her former group, the Abweichlerin to a willingness to compromise. Voit got in the local elections, many votes and it is right that you keep your Council mandate, says group leader, Eisenmann. For yesterday’s Council meeting, the CSU was planning to heave Voit, despite their exit in the social Committee. “We do not bite us,” says Eisenmann. And Voit says: “I am pleased very much.” Whether the election went on as planned, not fixed until the editorial deadline.

one way or the other, Carolin is Voits rejection of party and faction, another low blow for the already battered Pullacher CSU: First-Christine Eisenmann didn’t make it, as a mayor candidate to dethrone the Green Susanna thousand friend. Then a scramble to her Council mandate, which she refused only to reach then your entry into the municipal Council on the termination of your town hall jobs followed.

And finally, a hand happened solid rift over the future direction of the group, with WIP and FDP against the Greens and the SPD to establish: Andreas Most, of the forced for group and block the formation is known to have little left, cost the Querele the group’s presidency and the Post of Vice-Chapter chief. As a Pointe, it seemed, as he was elected with the votes of the Greens to the Vizebürgermeistmer – against the votes of its own group.

With the further of the planned coalition of the CSU, WIP, and CSU is Crumble finally, a minority block, just like the Greens and the SPD. The Rule requires the non-partisan Consensus-building, the Caroline Voit wishes on the phone to the Well-being of citizens.